Line Producer Services


Still Standing Productions believes that the line producer is the most important person on the production team. It is important to hire someone that is honest and trustworthy in dealing with the money. 

A line producer has to possess the communication and management skills to work with the crew, lock vendors and keep the production moving forward. A line producer must be flexible and strong at the sametime. The production relies so much on it's line producer.

Tina Pavlides has over 7 years of experience as line producer. Tina’s strengths are completing tasks on time and budget, being a team player, and building and maintaining relationships with crew, vendors and locations. Tina has wonderful leadership skills that help her create a fun, relaxed, but hard working and successful set. 

She has great connections in all states from California to New York as well as international connections. In addition, Tina has worked on projects with Warner Brothers and understands how to deliver projects at a studio level.

Working as a freelance line producer, Tina has been able to completed projects from start to finish work with unions (SAG/AFTRA, IATSE, DGA, Teamsters and WGA) and state production incentives.




Success in Production comes down to a few things. 

1. Having a great story to tell
2. Having an experienced team of people to create and tell that story
3. Completing the tasks on time and budget with great results. 

Still Standing Productions can help you every step of the way. We have spent the last 7+ years building teams of people, crew, vendors and locations that can work with any budget level and deliver on time. We only work with professionals, so to minimize risks of overtime and lost/damaged equipment. 

Most importantly, Still Standing Productions' knowledge and relationships provide our clients with the "most bang for their buck." Not only will this impress current investors but will help attract agents and distribution companies as well.

In order to alleviate the stresses of the producers we can handle as much (or as little) of the production process, while keeping you informed and in complete control of your project. 





Still Standing Productions is set up to help filmmakers throughout the development process of their projects.

We work alongside our clients in every step of the production process and help develop and create concepts based on strong ideas. Furthermore, we offer help with script coverage and ensuring that script finds the budget it requires. Our assistance will aid in creating the most appealing project to securing investors.

Please keep in mind that Still Standing Productions doesn’t find money or investors for your project, we are just giving you the tools to lock your investors.

Budget and Scheduling


Creating a schedule and budget early in your process is the key to a successful production and end product. Much like a foundation of a house, the Budget and Schedule is the foundation of a solid production. 

Having these elements allow you to approach investor with a set budget that you have absolute faith and knowledge that your project will be able to be completed for the amount that you are asking for and you will not need to return for additional funds. 

The schedule and budget also allows you to know your dilemmas early so that you can make a decision that best fits your project early on. 

For example you make feel that you are able to shoot you 110 page script in 10 days, however, once broke down into number of pages and how fast you will need to move, you may feel that a longer shoot is necessary. Having that decision early will help you build a budget around that longer shoot and help to ease concerns and last minute scene cutting on set. 

For more information on how this process works and what is involved please click on the below link.



Still Standing Productions offers consulting services for production companies and filmmakers. This services works as an advice line throughout the production process.

There are a lot of "pit falls" in completing a project  - many of these are difficult to predict. It's important to have someone to go through the experience with and look out for your project. Still Standing Productions can serve as a sounding board for all questions that may arise during the various phases of production. 

Still Standing Productions has been through the process of completing films, music video and commericals before and knows how to avoid the pitfalls of filmmaking. 

This service can be utilized in working with unions, SAG paperwork, and negotiating with actors. Also, we can help you figure out the best place to shoot based on your specific needs and budget. 

Tina is the definition of going above and beyond. She shared her knowledge and experience in innumerable ways and was our rock from day one
— Tara Tomicevic & Brandi Ford, Muted Producers