The first thing in moving forward with the budget and schedule process is the script. 

Once that has been received, we will read the script and discuss an appropriate budget size for the film that fits the project. 

Next, we will breakdown/schedule of the script. This can take anywhere from 3-5 days depending on the length and complexity of the script. Once the script is broken down, with the industry standard software called Entertainment Partners Scheduling program, the script will be broken down into different categories. Then it is generated into reports for each of the categories. Once completed, we will email you copies of the schedule, locations, and cast reports in PDF from.

Upon the client’s approval of the information and all requested changes have been made we will begin to build a budget. Together we will engage in a detailed conversation regarding desired shooting locations, which type of camera to be used during filming, and all other requests that will have to be addressed to fit our client’s precise needs.

After that, still standing productions will build the budget. This will take about 4-7 days, based on the research that is involved in the budgeting.  The budget should be used as an outline for the film in moving forward. The budget will be created in Entertainment Partners Budget program. 

The budget will outline in detail all departments and expenses for the budget and film known at the current time. There is a great deal of research that goes into creating a budget based on the size of the film. For smaller budgets, rates for crew, equipment and locations are based on numbers that are workable within the budget. On bigger budget films most of these rates are fixed rates set by unions. Budgets will depend on many factors, ranging from the number of locations, the duration of the shoot, and the amount of actors that will be used in the film. 

All facets will factor into raising or lowering the budget. The number of pages for the budget will be based on the overall total amount of the budget. For example, it could be as short as 10 pages on lower budget shoots or as long as 100 pages. The budget is made to serve only as a guideline for producers and investors to help predict the cost of the film. Once the budget is finished, still standing productions will email a PDF of the budget to you. 

Again our clients will be able to review the information and request changes or ask questions.  Once the budget is set, we will email out the original and final EP Documents of both the schedule and the budget. These are workable files that can be handed off to line producers or anyone else to update the schedule or budget at anytime.